What our Customers say...


After a big storm, our house had some water damage that quickly turned into mold. We were able to get SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Yisdro out and help us to clean up and restore the home. 

Our home had damage from a storm and we were not sure what to do. Luckily a friend referred us to SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Yisdro. They did incredible work and were so easy to work with. 

Our home had some smoke damage from the nearby wildfires, SERVPRO of San Yisdro was able to help us clean up the soot and help remove the odor of the smoke. 

After a huge storm surge our home had flooding and we were very distraught. We were able to get great help and they helped to clean everything up and did a great job!

We had a tree fall on our roof after a summer storm and caused damage inside. We had SERVPRO Otay Mesa/ San Yisdro out and they were able to clean everything up. 

Our home had flooding from a recent storm event and did not know what to do and who to call. Our insurance adjuster recommended SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Yisdro and I am really happy that they did. 

We have had several issues throughout the years in our home and there is no one else we would trust to clean up after the messes. 

There was a fire sprinkler break at my office that caused water to go everywhere across three floors. SERVPRO of Otay Mesa was able to come out and begin drying everything up within an hour. They helped to dry out everything including our computers and helped us to get back on our feet and operational. 

After a few months of having a musty smell in our home, we called out SERVPRO to inspect our home and see what the problem is. They found water intrusion that had caused mold to grow and that is what we had been smelling for a while. They were able to work quickly and mitigate the problem. 

There was a fire in the store I work in, as the manager I was unsure how this would affect my team and was worried about them. But with the help of SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Yisdro we never had to close our store and they were able to help us clean up. 

My apartment complex had a fire and SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Yisdro was called out to help. My unit was not too badly damaged but I did have to be moved to a new unit and they took great care in all that they did in my unit.  

My in-law's neighbor's home had a fire occur and it caused exterior damage to their home. We don't live in the area and it was scary not being able to be there on hand to help and know what to do. But we were able to rest assured knowing SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Yisdro was on-site and our family was being taken care of. 

Our office had smoke damage occur after someone put popcorn in for longer than intended. They were able to come out and set equipment and help remove the smell and odor that was lingering after the accident. 

During the Holidays are home had smoke damage from a mishap cooking our turkey. Their crews were able to come out the same day and help clean and deodorize the home. 

After a pipe break in our upstairs neighbor caused water to come down into our living room, we called the team at SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro and they were fantastic!

Our home recently had a dishwasher leak and it ruined the hardwoods in our kitchen. We called SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro and they came out right away and helped us to clean and dry it up. I would definitely recommend them!

Cleaned our home. Highly recommended, friendly and professional team!

We had mold in our bathroom, and SERVPRO went above and beyond in helping us get rid of the mold and repair our bathroom. They were considerate, professional and did an amazing job. From working with Ben and Tawny in the office to the final product, it was great. I mean - having a moldy bathroom SUCKS, but SERVPRO made it as painless as possible. Thank you, guys!

If I could give them a million-star rating, I would.

Ben & his crew are very compassionate & caring. There was a fire in the building behind us, the entire place was burned down. Ben had 20+ people on our property the same day of the fire, they worked throughout the night and made sure we understood everything that was going on. Ben secured our buildings with gates too whenever he wasn't around. Ben held our hands throughout the whole process and made it a very comfortable experience!

I can't thank you enough!

Eric and his crew were excellent. We had water damage in our home me and from the moment I spoke with Eric to him completing the job everything was handled very professionally and as expected. He was always available to answer questions, guide us through the work and provide great recommendations. He would respond d to calls and text throughout including over weekends. Great experience!

We had an amazing experience with SERVPRO! After our neighbor one floor above left their hot water running for two hours, we had a massive amount of damage.
SERVPRO came over immediately at 8 pm, assessed the damage and started dry out and demo that night.
SERVPRO of San Diego City began the rebuild immediately; they stayed on budget, on task and completed the work on time. Lisa and Ben provided professional service that inspired trust and confidence in their work. They never cut corners and replaced all the fixtures with the same quality or better.
Throughout this water trauma, I even feel like I developed a professional friendship with them, their service was so caring and personal. I would highly recommend them for any type of repair.  They are our go-to people from now on!!

So we have a rental unit on the 3rd floor of a condo building in Little Italy, and the washing machine water-level sensor switch failed... Yup, flooded half of our unit and the ceiling/walls of the unit downstairs. We called SERVPRO right away, oh we had never used SERVPRO services before, but thankfully a few months ago our neighbors had a bathroom tub overflow in their 3 story home and it flooded all the way to the garage. In talking with our neighbors about their experience and repairs they highly recommended SERVPRO, if we ever needed such. Well, we did and so we call SERVPRO... They were out there very quickly and sucked up all the water, even from the washing machine tub. They masked off the unaffected areas with plastic walls, took off the baseboards, cut out the wet drywall and removed the wet carpet pad... They set up their blow dryers and let evaporation do the rest. Then they came back and inspected the walls/floors and not finding any remaining water they quickly restored the walls, carpet pad and baseboards looks like new. 

Quick response and excellent service.  We had a listing that was affected by a water main break.  The owner was off-site at the time.   Tanya was quick to meet me at the property and walk us through the process.  As soon as the Owner gave the green light, Jordan was on-site to begin the remediation process.  They kept us informed the entire time.  Very impressed with the professionalism of the entire crew, their care of the building, and of our client.

Our insurance company sent SERVPRO to deal with the little flood caused by the failure of a valve on our dishwasher. They were prompt, professional, and did a great job. They set up fans and dehumidifiers. The areas with wet drywall were cut out.  During the next week, they packed up the lower kitchen cabinets, removed those cabinets, packed up our office, and dining room. The rooms were dried out within a week. Everyone was helpful, thoughtful and very professional.

Super professional and very helpful. I asked them for a couple of favors and they were very accommodating. It was a great help to have this level of service at such a critical time.

I was blown away by how careful and respectful Eric's crew was when working. The set up, prep, etc, etc was clean. I tend to ask lots of questions and hover over work. They were all kind to me when I did so.

Where do I even begin? This company has been AMAZING to work with on multiple projects of a property portfolio we oversee. Their quick efforts, excellent detail, and communication is everything you need in any emergency or urgent matter. They answer all my questions and concerns and follow up whenever needed.

Also, they specialize in all of Downtown so have high knowledge in all the communities. This makes for a very easy and smooth process (especially with HOA's :) )

Lisa & Ben, thank you for all you do and leading such a great team! I greatly appreciate all the hard and professional work!

5 star restoration/remediation company all the way! Great group of hardworking people who care about their customers. They will make your property "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO has done numerous unit cleanings for us. They always provide a great service at a great price. They are quite a pleasure to work worth. SERVPRO is surely on top of their game and great at communicating anything relevant, we might need to know!

Excellent. Cleaned our carpets and moved all the annoying furniture items out of the way, replaced them exactly where they were. Didn't get the tough, massive coffee stain on the first try, came back out a second time for no additional charge and took care of it. High recommended, friendly and professional team!! Thanks guys!

I had a last-minute need for pressure washing at my business. They came the next morning no problem. Their staff was very helpful and kind. We worked out the details of the job right then and there and everything was completed wonderfully. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.