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Cleaning Smoke and Soot Damage in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Ysidro can clean up damage from smoke and soot in your City or County home.  

Smoke is a mixture of gases and small particles. The small particles are also called ash, and they include soot. Soot is the collection of particles left from incomplete burning of products that contain carbon. These products include wood and coal. Smoke and soot do not destroy materials the way fire does. They leave behind greasy films and have an unpleasant odor.

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Commercial lighting equipment safety information for Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), one of the most common causes of commercial fires is electrical and lighting equipment. This type of fire is not easily predicted, as the lighting equipment can look totally fine on the outside in your Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro business.

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Mold in Rental Property in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

If you have a small amount of mold on a dish, you can clean it. You can even throw it away. However, if you have a large amount of mold, you need licensed mold remediation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a “large amount” as 10 square feet or more.

Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro is licensed in mold remediation.

Tips for Staying Safe During a Storm

Tips for Staying Safe During a Storm

SERVPRO® of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro wants you to stay safe in storms. 

  • Stay away from all windows or glass walls, especially during a lightning storm
  • Unplug appliances if possible
  • Pay attention to all alerts and warnings, as a thunderstorm can develop into a tornado if powerful enough
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How to prepare an emergency kit for a severe storm in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro is no stranger to severe storms. Emergency kits for home and businesses should include some of the following:

  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Any medicine currently being taken
  • Emergency food and water
  • Extra change of clothes and shoes
  • Pet supplies if you are taking care of an animal
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Why SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

In a crisis, you usually only get one shot at doing things right. Things are moving fast and happening suddenly and the choices we make can’t be second-guessed while the catastrophe is in full swing. That being said, choosing your cleanup and restoration company is something that you only want to do once.

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Ease your Burden when Disaster Happens in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

When disaster strikes…

For many, your home in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro represents a lifetime of hard work and a place where roots are important. It is where family gathers, and where your most endearing and important memories are made. When a disaster strikes; whether it be fire, storm, mold, or other water damage/flooding, it will likely be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life.

…we’ll be there to ease your burden.

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Sharing the SERVPRO History in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro performs residential & commercial cleanup of these specialties, including:

  • Water Restoration
  • Fire Restoration
  • Mold Removal
  • Biohazard
  • Sewage
  • Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Vandalism and Graffiti
  • Air Ducts and HVAC
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How to Use Fire Extinguishers in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

Here at SERVPRO of  Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro we hope you never experience the devastation that comes with fire damage. However, in the event that disaster strikes, be aware that our IICRC certified technicians are qualified in all aspects of cleaning up the damage left by smoke and fire in your business or residence in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro.

Fire extinguishers may help prevent fire damage or smoke damage, but only if you know how to use them.

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Different Types of Extinguishers in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

Just to be safe, SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidrorecommends you keep, maintain, and know how to use fire extinguishers.  

A fire-extinguisher may prevent fire damage and smoke damage from spreading throughout the office.

If you see a small fire that you can take care of yourself, use the following tips.  If you have any worries, you and everyone else should leave the office and call 9-1-1 when you are outside.

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Tips to Prevent Kitchen Fire in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro understands that cooking equipment is a leading cause of fire damage and fire injuries in your Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro home.

To help prevent fire damage:

  • Never operate the stove or oven when you are tired or have been drinking alcohol
  • Keep flammable items at least three feet from the stove top
  • Do not allow children within two to four feet of the stove or oven
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Safety Tips when using Candles in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro  offers these Tips for Fire Prevention from Candles:

  • Do not let children near candles
  • Make sure candles are not near window curtains or blinds that could catch fire
  • Keep lit candles in safe candle holders
  • Do not leave children alone in a room with lit candles
  • Do not light candles in the bedroom. You might fall asleep. One-third of all candle fires start in the bedroom. 
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Tips for Standing Water in Otay Mesa/San Ysidro

A flood doesn’t end once the storm stops. We still have to deal with all that standing water. The floodwater can take up to 11 days to disappear. It’s not time to go fishing.

Be careful driving in Otay Mesa/San Ysidro.  Remember to “Go around. Don’t Drown!” The water may still be too deep for safe travel.

Pipe with a leak

Possible Causes for Water Damage in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

Causes & Categories of Water Damage in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro 

Causes can include:

  • Leaky dishwashers or washing machines
  • Clogged pipes
  • Leaking roofs
  • Broken toilet pipes
  • Heavy rain


Category 1- Clean Water

Category 2- Gray Water 

Category 3- Black Water 

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Commercial Flood Insurance in Otay Mesa/San Yisdro

Things to know in Otay Mesa/San Yisdro. Check to see if you might be required to have flood insurance.

  • Standard commercial insurance doesn’t pay for flood damage
  • Rates depend on:
    • whether you live in a flood plain
    • flood risk in your area
    • building’s age
    • building’s construction
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Tips to Stay Safe During a Storm in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

Floods can develop slowly or quickly. Floods that come with no warning are known as flash floods.


  • Can cause power or water outages
  • Damage buildings
  • Create landslides
  • Make roads impassable
  • Sweep away people, animals, or cars
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Evacuation when Medical Supplies Are Needed for your Well-being in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro suggests having these items prepared in the event you would need to evacuate your home in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro.

  • Copies of medical insurance & Medicare cards
  • Warm blankets
  • Extra clothing, especially socks & undergarments
  • Bottled water
  • Batteries for your electronic devices
  • Written contact list
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Emergency Kit for Evacuation in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro has these tips:

 Have an evacuation emergency kit ready.  You can also use it at home.

For people who have low hearing or deafness in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro, consider the following:

  • Extra batteries for hearing aids
  • TTY
  • If you Sign, have a pen and paper for people who do not know Sign
  • Backup batteries for any augmentative communication devices
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Plan ahead for evacuation in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro has these tips for people in our community dealing with disabilities during an evacuation. You may want to consider, during times of flooding, to pack a bag to have ready in case the worst happens.

Cartoon house with storm damage

Be prepared for power outages from storms in Otay Mesa/San Ysidro

During a power outage in Otay Mesa/San Ysidro be sure to:

  • Keep freezer & refrigerator doors closed. It will reduce the chance of food spoilage
  • User generators only outdoors and away from windows
  • Have already set up a plan to refrigerate medicines
  • Do not use a gas stove or oven to heat your home or business
  • Check on your neighbors
Tree on roof with damage

Together We Restore your Home in Otay Mesa/San Ysidro

Together we get it done.

Life is full of mishaps and otherwise unwanted stress creators such as storms. Did you know that wind can reach speeds of up to 60 mph in severe cases?  This kind of wind in your Otay Mesa/ San/Ysidro home or business can cause several different kinds of damage, as well as leave areas of the structure vulnerable to rain and another water crisis such as broken pipes. SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro can work together with you to lower chances for incurring injury and/or cost due to storm damage.

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How To Use SERVPRO For Your Restoration Needs

Emergency situations usually call for quick reaction. In cases where a home or business structure in Otay Mesa/San Ysidro is being compromised by unhealthy and/or unsafe conditions, SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Ysidro is the fast response you need to get relief.  Chaotic situations can be handled or endured in an orderly fashion with professionals and the right tools applied.

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Fire Extinguishers Save Lives

Smoke and fire damage is something all of us at SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Ysidro would like to see you avoid. In the event the worst happens and you are faced with this kind of disaster, you can count on us to lend a helping hand. We have a team of highly trained professionals to walk with you each step of the way when repairing the damage from smoke, water, and fire in your Otay Mesa/San Ysidro home.

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Flood Insurance 101

Water Damage & Insurance in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro.

Did you know that most property insurance does not cover flood damage?

Most insurance rates vary by company. While the rules for insurance varies by state, flood insurance is an exception.

Some homeowners’ policies will cover water damage if the damage comes from:

  • sewer or drain backup
  • sudden & accidental damage from plumbing, heating systems, or air conditioning 
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What To Do When Water Damage Strikes in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro

If your home or business in Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro has water damage, you can do some things before help arrives.

Make sure that the building or home is safe.

SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/ San Ysidro Wants You to Remember:

  • Waterlogged materials are very heavy
  • Wet surfaces are slippery
  • Make sure electrical power is off before you handle devices
  • Make sure you are standing on a dry area before you turn on the electric power
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Storm Response in Otay Mesa/San Ysidro

When storm damage occurs from heavy winds or wildfires SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Ysidro is ready to help you make it "Like it never even happened." We are ready 24/7, 365. 

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We are Here To Help With Any Size Disaster

No disaster is to big for SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Ysidro. Our crews of trained and professional technicians are ready 24/7, 365 to come out and make it "Like it never even happened."

Basement full of contents that were wet

Here To Help.

Disasters can happen at any time, to any one and due to so many different sources.  We at SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Ysidro are Here To Help you when disaster strikes, 24/7, 365. 

smart phone with SERVPRO Ready App loaded on the screen

Is your business ready for any size disaster?

When a disaster strikes your business every hour that you are closed is an hour where you may be loosing a customer. We at SERVPRO of Otay Mesa/San Ysidro want to make sure that you have a plan in place. 

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Smoke Alarms Keep You Safe

Smoke alarms can help to save lives. Make sure that smoke alarms are mounted outside of every sleeping space and in common areas. 

In addition to having them mounted, make sure that you change the batteries every six months.